Streamlining Services

We are currently looking at the way we help others and how services join up and communicate with one another. We have a goal to reduce the number of meetings families have to attend, the number of forms that have to be filled in, and the number of professional a child has to tell their story to.

Single system for recording information

We are looking at ways to ensure that practitioners and families have a common understanding of the language that is used and want professionals to be recording in the same way when they have a concern, or need to carry out an assessment.


We need to make sure that the right people are involved in any decisions about children and are developing ways to listen to other professionals, children and their carers.

Inter agency system

We are developing a system that will allow the appropriate information to be shared with whoever needs access to the information. We are also developing a system that embodies the goals associated with Streamlining services, single system for recording , and involving and listening to the right people.


Each professional will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in relation to their roles within Getting it Right for Every child. Various training and online training modules will be available including:

  • Getting it Right for every Child introduction
  • Values and Working Together
  • Named Person and Lead Professional
  • Chronology
  • Assessment and the Child’s Plan

Children are one third of our population and all of our future.