Getting it Right for Every Child requires changes in Culture, Systems and Practice so that every child and young person gets the help they need, when they need it.


Systems underpin the key tasks of an agency. They are the way in which structures, policies, procedures, and protocols, IT systems, and business processes support stakeholders and strategic managers to plan, guide and co-ordinate help for children and families.

Child and Young Person’s Pathway

The three Ayrshire local authorities and Ayrshire and Arran NHS have developed a staged approach to assessment and planning for all children and young people. The Pathway outlines at what points certain practice tools are to be used, what processes are to be followed, when decisions are to be made and what recording and meetings should take place.


System for sharing information

The three Ayrshire local authorities and Ayrshire and Arran NHS have developed a system called ‘AYRshare’ that enables the team around the child to view selected information from agencies involved with the child/young person in the one place. This includes significant events and selected documents.


Each professional will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in relation to their roles within Getting it Right for Every child. Various training and online training modules will soon be available including:

  • Getting it Right for every Child introduction (go to
  • Values and Working Together
  • The GIRFEC National Practice Model and wellbeing indicators.
  • Impact of wellbeing concerns on a child and young person’s health and development
  • Agency roles, responsibilities, procedures, protocols and guidance, and multi-agency GIRFEC practice guidance and Child Protection procedures, including the role of the Named Person and Lead Professional
  • GIRFEC Practice Guidance and paperwork and Ayrshire Pathway.
  • Management – assessment, review, information sharing, and resolution
  • Solution Orientated meetings and Outcome focused Planing
  • Communicating with children and young people

Children are one third of our population and all of our future.