North Ayrshire Corporate Parenting Plan 2017-20

In 2016, we wrote the ‘Getting it right for you: North Ayrshire Children’s Services Plan 2016-2020’ that set out some promises. We recognise that Looked After children and Young People need some extra support due to the circumstances they find themselves living in. So, as well as all the promises in Getting it right for you,
we’ve made more promises in the Corporate Parenting Plan.

These will help children and Young People get the right
help, at the right time, so that they can:

• get the right support in place
• have their interests promoted
• be provided with opportunities to take part in activities designed to promote their wellbeing
• get help to access opportunities to improve their wellbeing
• get help to make use of the services and support available to them

As Corporate Parents, we want them to have the best start in life and to continue to be safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

We promise to work with children and Young People, to overcome challenges that they might face and to provide opportunities for them be treated the same while following
their ambitions and interests.

The Plan explains how we’ll all do this through the promises we make and how, with children and Young People’s help, we’ll take these forward.

Download our Corporate Parenting Plan


Children are one third of our population and all of our future.